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The Donas – Studio City

Looking to buy a Condo in The Donas ? Well you can stop right now, there aren’t any. If you are looking for Homes For Sale In The Donas Studio City then you are in the right place.

The Donas Studio City Homes For Sale

There are six hundred and five Single Family Homes in The Donas and not one Condo. The Donas,  one of the best Studio City real estate enclaves, is a 1960s development of large expensive homes. Most of the homes in the Donas have awesome views that are not ruined by poles or wires because someone was smart enough to put all the utilities The Donas Studio City Mapunderground. The streets are wide with curbs which is not common in hillside properties. There is a real sense of neighborhood which is also usually missing in the hills. Doña is the Spanish word for Madam and is pronounced (daw-nyah)but feel free to pronounce it (Donna) because most people do. In fact I am pronouncing it (Donna)in my head as I am writing this. All the streets are named Dona “Something” ( Dona Evita, Dona Cecilia,  Dona Pegita…)
The Donas area of Studio City has become popular with people from “the other side of the hill” who have become discouraged with the inflated prices “over the hill”. With Mulholland so close to the south and Ventura just to the north The Donas is perfectly located for easy access to both the West Side and the heart of Studio City
Fryman Canyon hiking is also a feature that draws people to this area of Studio City. But on of the main draws is Carpenter Community Charter School. The Donas Studio City are within the Carpenter Elementary School District boundaries. This school has been touted as one of the best schools in the Valley. The constant high scores can be attributed to the enthusiastic participation of the Carpenter parents. Before buying a home in the district it is important that you check that your child can get in to Carpenter ( if that is important to you) Owning a home in Studio City does not guarantee your child will be able to attend the school. Visit our site to find out more about Carpenter Community Charter School Homes for sale and to view Homes For Sale in the Carpenter Community Charter School District CLICK HERE

Want to own a piece of architectural history? One of the more famous homes located in the Donas is on the market for $2,895,000 . It is known as The Albert Grossman House and is located on Dona Cecilia Drive and is one of the few structures by by Architect Raphael Soriano that remains unaltered. Designed and built by Soriano in 1964 (well mostly, Soriano walked off the job before it was finished so Grossman had to finish it himself.) Grossman’s business sold aluminum products and he liked Soriano’s promotion of aluminum buildings. This interesting mid century modern ‘house of glass’ was designated a Cultural Heritage Monument by the City  of Los Angeles in 1997.  The home is still owned by the Grossman family but I guess that is about to change.

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